Tesco’s £2.5 Million Refund. ‘Have you got your receipt?’

Bank robbers steal £2.5 million from Tesco customers
Getty Images / Daniel Berehulak

Don’t panic! No personal data stolen – just £2.5 million pounds belonging to over 9,000 customers, say Tesco. – Okay, so just the bank robbery then.

Immediately after the attack Tesco Bank Chief executive Barry Higgins told BBC Radio 4 that during the evening of November 5, the bank saw a “significant and increasing fraudulent activity” against its customers. “Customers are not at any financial risk,” Higgins, who was slammed for spending £18,000 on taxis last year.

Tesco Bank has repaid £2,500,000 to 9,000 of its customers after it was hit by a cyberattack, the firm’s boss has said.

Those banking with the company can still use their cards for makeshift ice-scrapers, suggests pcdoctor.co.uk

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Source: Tesco Bank refunds £2.5 million to 9,000 customers after attack (Wired)