8 Best Solar Chargers

Solar power phone chargers roundup review

Q/ Solar power in the UK, you must be joking?

A/ Sounds like it, but even overcast days on our British shores won’t stop powerful UV rays reaching us which give these chargers life.

Power devices away from the socket with an eco-friendly gadget.

Solar chargers mean you can keep your USB devices full of juice, without having to rely on a mains power supply, or a battery – while using a sustainable source of power. A new wave of chargers has come onto the market. Some are ultra-portable, pocket-sized options, while others are larger, more powerful set-ups that you can take on camping trips or anywhere where mains electricity is hard to come by.

When you’re looking for the right solar charger, consider what you’re charging with it. An iPhone can charge twice the speed as a Samsung Galaxy, for example, so owners of the latter would want to look at a charger with a higher, quicker Wh output. The most straightforward way to compare them is a ratio of power to smartphone battery life, or Wh output. Around 10Wh is sufficient for a slower charge (for example, 12 watts takes one hour and 50 minutes to charge an iPhone 6), while 100-200Wh is a super-quick power-up.

Source: 8 best solar chargers | The Independent