10 Best Free Image Downloaders

Image Downloaders A Specialist Roundup
There are numerous do-it-all download managers around, but most struggle performing certain specific tasks. Moreover what if you just want to perform a simple download from one particular site, say Pinterest or Picasa, imgur, Bing, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr or 4chan, quickly and without much fuss?

Well if that’s the case read on MacDuff.


Download My Board
Pinterest downloader downloadmyboard.com
Finding software to download your Pinterest boards that doesn’t also install unwanted rubbish has proved to be a strenuous task. A much safer option is to use the free online tool Download My Board.

“DownloadMyBoard.com ~ download your board with ease! Download your Pinterest boards to use it in a presentation, brainstorming session or any other inspiring reason!”

Even comes with a handy bookmarklet:
Download It <- Drag this link to your toolbar, or add it to your favourites.

“The Download It button lets you easily download a complete board in once. To install, just drag the big red Download It button to your toolbar and click it when you are on a Pinterest Board (i.e.: pinterest.com/eheroes/heroes)!”

Download an entire Pinterest board in a single zip file
Nothing to install
Easy peasy!

pcdoctor.co.uk highly recommended

urating5 pcdoctor.co.uk rating:
Highly Recommended!


Backup your facebook data

We’ve yet to find a facebook image downloader without added crapware, but Facebook itself does have it’s own option to backup your data.

Backing Up: How To Download Your Facebook Data
1) Go into Account Settings.
2) Click General in the left-hand column.
3) Click on “Download a copy of your Facebook data”.
4) Click Start My Archive.

Facebook will then email you a link to download your data as a zip file.
Source reference.



TumblOne A Tumblr Image Crawler

TumblOne is a Tumblr Image Crawler. With this little tool you are able to Crawl various Images of Bloghoster Tumblr.com. It searches given Tumblr Blog Url for all types of image formats,
and gives you the ability to download the found Images automatic.

Threaded Background Download
Fast and efficient

pcdoctor.co.uk highly recommended

urating5 pcdoctor.co.uk rating:
Highly Recommended!



Instaport.me is a super simple web service that grabs your entire archive of Instagram photos and downloads them to your computer in one handy .zip file.

Export, Download and Backup your Instagram photos with Instaport. “A simple way to save all your Instagram photos to your local hard drive.”

Easy to use
Nothing to install


flickr downloadr

flickr downloadr

A desktop application for windows that would help download all (or selected) photos from the user’s photostream (in one of the selected sizes) along with the tags, titles and descriptions.

Log in securely to your flickr account via OAuth
View all the public photos (or all of them)
Select specific photos and download as a batch
Or download them all with one click.
Set preferences for download size, metadata etc.



FlickrEdit is a Java Desktop application that allows you to display and edit your photos in a variety of ways. It also allows you to download/backup or upload your photos to and from Flickr. FlickrEdit uses Java Web Start to run and update the application.

NB. This replaces FlickrBackup, though while less featured is still available and might be more suitable for your needs. It too uses Java Web Start.

Display your Flickr Photos and Sets
Display your Not in Set, Recent, Favourites, Contacts and Group photos
Search photos based on date and tag
Backup your Flickr Photos and Sets
Backup Title, Description, Tags, and Copyright and store them into the IPTC header of the images.
Upload new photos to Flickr (including asynchronous upload)
Edit Photo and Set info, add comments to Photos and Sets
Rotate photos
Delete photos or Sets
View a photo or selected photos slideshow
Switch between multiple Flickr users

Google Picasa

Picasa Album Downloader

Picasa Album Downloader

Download friends albums and photos on your PC, MAC or Linux.

Preview album list per user
Download album in few clicks
Russian or English interface
Open Source

Picasa Downloader

Picasa Downloader

This application lets you download multiple Google Picasa web albums of a selected picasa user with only a few clicks and without Picasa being installed. Enter the Picasa Username, Hit the List button, Select albums to download, Hit Download, Take some Coffee!

Does not require Picasa to be installed.
Open Source


Bing Downloader

Like the stunning photography used as background wallpapers at Bing? Like to save them all, but downloading individually is cumbersome right? Why not automatically download with just one click? Enter Bing Downloader! It can be used to download the images daily. It creates a new folder on your PC which stores all the downloaded images.

One click and you’re done
Only 94.5 KB in size
Open Source


imgur Gallery & Album Downloader
imgur Gallery & Album Downloader
imgur Gallery&Album Downloader will download all the images from an imgur gallery or album and save them to your computer.

Grab imgur galleries and to save them locally at impressive speed. Simply paste the the gallery link and press the ‘Download’ button. The images will be saved in the same folder as the executable.

Requires Java Runtime


4chan Downloader

Free 4chan Downloader

A tool to download images from 4chan, 2chan, chanarchive and more! Automatic rescanning for new images is supported as well as simultaneous watching multiple threads. Since it is written in Qt/C++ it is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Download images from 4chan, 2chan, chanarchive.org, archive.foolz.us
Other chans can be supported via plugins
Shows thumbnails of downloaded images
Watch different threads simultaneously
Supports scanning of overview pages (e. g. boards.4chan.org/wg/1)
Open/reload/delete option for each downloaded images
Saves opened threads, and continues to watch the next time the program is opened
Open Source

4chan Image Downloader
Free 4chan Image Downloader
A simple program for downloading images from 4chan threads. Monitors the thread for new images until it 404s.

Automatically checks threads for new images incrementally
Fast asynchronous downloading
Simple and effective UI
Can parse 4chan thread URL directly from clipboard
Windows 7 taskbar integration
Other nice eye candy
Open Source


Free Image Downloaders Final Thoughts
• Too many to list here, but your Browser’s extension library is another good place to look for specialised image and photo downloaders.