Go Back In Time With Google

Search Google for the term “Google in 1998” and search the web nineties stylee.

Google in 1998

Google is celebrating it’s 15 years of existence, providing the service that brought the world together and made things easier for everyone. The search giant has come a long way since it was first launched in September 4th, 1998. It wouldn’t be possible if Larry Page and Sergey Brin hadn’t met at university in 1995. Initially they came up with something weird – it was termed “backrub,” but eventually they came up with the more catchy name for the website which is now the synonym of “search” on internet.

Search Google 1998 Style

Google has all set up for those who really want to experience the initial webpage that was first started returning search results for users back in 1998. To travel back in time, you just need to search “Google in 1998” in present and you’ll be taken back to the initial look and feel of the website. Kind of nostalgic seeing the old look — and some of the names of other search engines of the period, which Google used to link to at the bottom of its results.
source: http://www.digitfreak.com/internet/google/2060-google-in-1998

Search Google 1998 Style
Google at Wikipedia

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