Internet Explorer Security Fix & Web Browser Choice

You may be hearing news reports or rumours to the effect that Microsoft Internet Explorer is once again unsafe to use, due to recently discovered and apparently quite severe vulnerabilities.

Although a proper patch has yet to appear, there is a temporary fix from Microsoft, as pictured below, and it’s just a single click away.

Article ID: 979352 Microsoft Security Advisory: Vulnerability in Internet Explorer could allow remote code execution.

Microsoft's 'Fix It For Me' Option.
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Google, itself the victim of a very sophisticated attack, codenamed Operation Aurora, along with a reported, ‘…At least 20 other companies including Adobe, Yahoo! and Symantec’, is investigating the extent to which this latest Internet Explorer bug may have assisted in the coordinated

Internet Explorer Is Not Your Only Choice

Many people use Internet Explorer (IE) simply because it was pre-installed on their computer, and they are not aware there exists a choice.

(A fact the European Union was keen to acknowledge by issuing a $794 million fine to the global corporation in relation to its anti-competitive practises.)

Other Web Browsers

You don’t have to be stuck with a single browser. Download several. Test drive them for a while until you discover your favourite. Here the four most trusted recommendations according to

Opera – Our favourite. The fastest and easiest to use. See our recent post, Is This The Best Internet Browser?
Firefox – Most popular browser after IE.
Safari – Apple’s browser is now available for PC users.
Chrome – Google’s relatively new addition to the pack.

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