Getting started with Windows 7

New PC for Christmas? Windows 7? What’s all that about?

Well, it’s the latest incarnation of Microsoft Windows. Please don’t ask what was wrong with the last one. We haven’t the time.

Early reports from users of all levels seem to indicate that Windows 7 is a big improvement over Vista. In fact yours truly sceptically bypassed installing Vista altogether, but I feel much more confident about Microsoft’s latest version.

Apart from a number of sensible new features, 7 would appear to be a much more solid build than it’s predecessor.

A good place to start would be these videos from Microsoft. They will help you sort out some of the basics.

Getting around the desktop
Personalising your PC
Using e-mail and the Internet
Using Parental Controls
Organising your photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery
Finding your files
Changing Windows settings

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